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Project: “Dual-VET Partners in Europe”

Project: “Dual-VET Partners in Europe”
The Erasmus+ KA2-Project called “Dual-VET Partners in Europe” results from the detection of a need to continue improving what has been recommended by the European Commission for years,
the work-based learning.

The project was approved for funding through the Erasmus+ programme this past July as a Strategic Partnership in Vocational Training and Cooperation for Innovation and Good Practice, but
originated already in 2016, when the strategic partners of this project, who have always had relations to the vocational training of European youth, recognized the need to identify and find
ways to introduce components based on work-based training and the economic reality into the vocational training systems.

The project will have a duration of 24 months from September 2017. It’s coordinated by Escuela de Idiomas Carlos V in Seville (Spain) and the consortium as well as the strategic partners are
comprised by social organizations, companies, authorities and schools from Germany, Italy and Spain.

The main objectives of the project are:

– Transnational exchange of good practices between Italy, Germany and Spain, for the progressive introduction of dual vocational training element in the existing vocational training plans.
– Coordinate the exchange and collaboration between all agents of vocational training: companies, schools, syndicates, company federations and chambers of commerce
– Greater involvement of the companies in the vocational training
– Promotion of duality in the learning, relating learning at school with learning in the company
– Qualification of trainers in the companies and in the schools
– Identification of the possibilities to incorporates actions or modules into the vocational training plans in the three countries
– Design of a dual vocational training plan for the two chosen professions in accordance with the conclusions drawn from the analysis of the current vocational training systems and the exchange of impressions during the transnational meetings and activities
– Design of a framework to regulate, evaluate and test the practical training by means of ECVET- instruments for a greater transparency and international comparability of the vocational training
– Trip to Germany with Spanish and Italian teachers and companies to receive first-hand information about the German dual vocational training.
– Workshops led by German vocational training agents in Italy and Spain for teachers and in-company tutors interested in optimizing the vocational training in their organisations.

The organisations forming the consortium of the project are:

  • Escuela de Idiomas Carlos V (Project coordinator)- Spain
  • Instituto de Educación Secundaria Cristóbal de Monroy- Spain
  • Federación Andaluza de Transportes – Spain
  • Bildungswerk der Niedersächsischen Wirschaft GmbH – Germany
  • Region Hannover Wirtschanftsförderung – Germany
  • Universita Degli Studi di Napoli Federico II – Italy
  • Meccanica b.m.r. dei fratelli coglianese s.r.l. – Italy
  • Instituto di Istruzione Superiore ASSTEAS – Italy

Furthermore, the project is supported by strategic partners such as the State Chancellery of Lower Saxony, who initiated the collaboration in the first place, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Hannover and the Ministry of Education of Lower Saxony. We also count on the support of highly experienced German companies who train thousands of young people a every year, namely Volkswagen. These and other strategic partners in Germany and the other participating countries support the project by providing visibility, expertise and supervision to the activities and acting as expert advisors of vocational training as well as multipliers of the project in their countries.

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